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  • The Maze Procedure

    All types of AFib can be treated with the maze procedure. The procedure is conducted through small incisions to create scar tissue and block abnormal signals.

    The maze procedure normally takes place during open heart surgery. The maze procedure aims to create scar tissue to block the abnormal signals causing AFib. One method of creating scar tissue may be through the use of clamps to deliver radiofrequency energy to heat the heart tissue. The maze chamber may also require the removal of a small chamber in the left atrium.

    What to Expect During your Visit

    • The creation of scar tissue to block abnormal signals that cause AFib.
    • The placement of clamps either behind the heart or near pulmonary veins to heat heart tissue through radiofrequency energy.
    • The removal of the left atrial appendage (small chamber), as it is a common source of blood clots.
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    The Maze Procedure
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