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    Can an Apple a Day Keep Heart…

    It may not be able to keep the doctor away, but it can sure help protect against heart disease. Heart disease is a widespread issue in the U.S. In fact, according to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and 610,000 people die of heart attacks each year. But what if there was a special pill you could take to lower your chances of heart disease by 40 percent? Wouldn’t you try to get the medicine no matter the cost? As it turns out, the solution for decreasing risk of heart disease is available to anyone for only a few dollars per pound at the local grocery store. All you need is an apple a day.

    Apples: The Miracle Fruit   

    Heart disease can be influenced by a number of factors; having high blood pressure or high cholesterol can increase your risk exponentially. Being overweight or diabetic can also increase your chances of heart disease as you age. Luckily, apples, often called a “miracle fruit,” can help prevent all of these factors.

    First, apples are a great source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is now known for lowering the “bad” cholesterol in your body. Apples can also help keep your blood pressure at healthy levels. High blood pressure results in around 1,100 deaths per day in the U.S., which means keeping your blood pressure down is vital for living a healthy life. Fortunately, having an apple a day can help with just that. Apples are full of polyphenols and potassium, aka blood pressure lowering elements.

    Because of how filling they are, eating an apple before a meal can help with weight lost as well. Apples are low in calories but help keep you satisfied and energized for hours. A study published in Appetite shows that eating an apple before a meal helps people cut down on their calorie intake by 15 percent. On average, that means 185 calories off each meal. Eating a healthy diet can help you lose weight and prevent diabetes, which decreases your chance of suffering from a cardiac event even more.  

    The Link Between Apples and Heart Health

    A recent study in China shed even more light on the connection between apples and the likelihood of heart attacks. Spanning from 2004-2014, the study recruited 512,000 people between the ages of 35-74. The decade-long study focused on the diets, physical activities and habits of the subjects, along with their blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    Researchers discovered that people who ate fresh fruit daily were 40 percent less likely to die from a cardiovascular-related death (CVD), 34 percent less likely to experience a heart attack and 30 percent less likely to suffer a stroke. Additionally, because of lower glucose levels, they also had less of a chance of developing diabetes.

    40 percent is no small percentage, and it doesn’t take a costly prescription to start reducing your risk by this much. Add an apple a day to your routine and help boost your cardiovascular health.

    If you have questions about your cardiovascular health, or if you would like to make an appointment with an experienced cardiologist, visit our website today.  

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