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    4 Fall Fitness Hacks

    4 Fall Fitness Hacks

    While summer is an excellent time to hit the pool or take up water skiing, fall offers a range of new opportunities to get fit. Though it’s always a good time to go for a run, you’d be surprised to find few unexpected seasonal activities that can sneak in those steps. Check out a few ideas on getting fit and expending some energy this fall!

    Raking Leaves

    It’s easy to overlook this chore, but raking leaves is harder work than it looks! When fall rolls around, the telltale leaves of the season cover every square inch of your yard. Build some strength in your core, shoulders and arms by getting the lawn in shape. Don’t forget to keep your back straight to avoid injury, especially for older adults. This low intensity workout still has the potential to burn calories. In fact, by some estimations you could burn between 120 and 180 calories per half hour just by raking. If you want to take this activity to the next level, note that other yard work can burn even more calories, such as mowing the lawn with a push lawnmower. Staying active is one of the best ways to strengthen your heart and reduce your blood pressure.

    Apple Picking

    In most parts of the country, fall is the only time of the year you’ll likely have an opportunity to go apple picking. Apple picking isn’t necessarily going to burn calories like a high intensity workout, but it’s an excellent way to get outside and spend some valuable time on your feet. In fact, spending an extra 30 minutes a day just walking was associated in one study with a 19% drop in heart disease risk. Surrounding yourself by nature is also a fantastic stress reliever, and if you live in North Georgia, you’ll find quite a few orchards open to the public in the fall.  

    Mountain Biking

    Although you can bike year-round, fall weather lends itself perfectly to mountain biking. Not only will the trails be drier without torrential summer rains, you’ll be surrounded by the brightest colors of the season. Mountain biking is excellent for developing tone, burning calories and elevating your heart rate. In fact, Harvard Health reports in a 2016 study on heart health and cycling that regular bike riders had 15% fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists. Mountain biking is also perfect for tailoring your workout to your experience level. Start out with smoother, flatter trails and work your way up. 

    Touch Football  

    Fall is football season, and if you’re not parked on the couch watching the big game it’s time to stretch your legs. Touch football is a great option for family fitness during the fall season. Touch football is especially fun if you have a large family—there’s room to include everyone. Because the rules discourage tackling, touch football is a safer alternative if you want to prevent injury for kids or older adults in the family. Touch football even resembles a high intensity interval workout due to the short bursts of activity followed by short rests.

    Maybe you’re looking for new ways to take advantage of the crisp fall weather, have a family of kids to entertain during the holiday season, or you just want to add simple preventative measures into your routine. No matter the motive, these fall fitness activities will help you reduce your risk of heart disease by managing stress and encouraging an active lifestyle. To learn more about your risk of cardiovascular disease and what you can do to prevent it, visit https://cvgcares.com today for an appointment.

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