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    Peachtree Corners

    Peachtree Corners

    Cardiologists near Peachtree Corners, GA

    Cardiovascular Group has an impressive team of doctors with years of combined experience in treating and curing heart problems. When visiting one of CVG’s doctors, you are experiencing the best possible quality of care and consultation in the medical field. Our doctors are dedicated to treating heart disease, heart issues, and improving heart health. As a patient, you will receive quality care from top physicians. Heart conditions and treatment are our top priority. We treat patients in and around the Peachtree Corners area. Please give us a call at (678) 272-3699 to schedule an appointment.



    Cardiovascular Group offers a variety of services related to the heart which includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures, as well as testing and studies of the heart. Our team is highly capable and prepared to treat all heart conditions, including heart disease and AFib. CVG’s doctors are experts in performing various heart operations including cardiac catheterization. When you are being treated by a CVG doctor, you are receiving treatment from a medical professional you can trust and will walk you through every step of keeping your heart healthy.


    Cardiac Catheterization

    A non-surgical service that Cardiovascular Group offers is Cardiac Catheterization. This non-surgical procedure involves guiding a catheter to your heart to help diagnose and treat several heart problems. During cardiac catheterization, a catheter is inserted into a small incision and guided to your heart. Your doctor can use the catheter to take pictures and conduct tests inside the heart. Cardiac catheterization allows doctors to suggest treatment options for your heart problems based on the results of the photos or tests.


    Heart Tests

    The testing services offered include Heart Structure tests, Atrial Fibrillation testing, and stress tests. The heart structure tests can measure heart chamber pressures and take x-ray pictures of the left ventricle to diagnose valve disease. Atrial Fibrillation testing, which includes all types of AFib and is treated with the maze procedure. The stress tests are able to help observe blood flow conditions to test for Atrial Fibrillation. The information gathered from heart structure tests helps doctors evaluate and treat valve and heart muscle problems. Certain tests use catheters to show problems within the valves or heart muscles and show the heart’s structure or function.


    Catheter Ablation

    Another service offered by Cardiovascular Group is Catheter Ablation. This helps lessen atrial fibrillation symptoms. The procedure is conducted via the catheter and helps prevent the heart from receiving abnormal signals. In a catheter ablation procedure, a catheter is guided to the heart through a blood vessel. The catheter delivers energy to destroy cells within the heart that send abnormal signals.


    Electrical Cardioversion

    Electrical Cardioversion is a procedure that reduces AFib symptoms. You may be recommended an EC if medications don’t adequately reduce your AFib symptoms. During an electrical cardioversion procedure, an electric current shocks the heart back into normal rhythm. Special pads are placed on the chest, or paddles are used to send short electric shocks to your heart. This method is used to treat persistent AFib and you will most likely be sent home a few hours after the procedure.


    Electrophysiology Study

    Our locations offer an Electrophysiology Study (EP). This study gathers information about the electrical system in the heart to find the cause of heart rhythm problems.

    During an electrophysiology (EP) study, your doctor will insert small wires called electrode catheters into the heart through a blood vessel. The catheters may direct electrical signals to your heart to stimulate it and test for arrhythmia. They also may be used to map where abnormal signals are coming from in the heart. During an EP study, catheters may be used to regulate the heartbeat to stop an arrhythmia or to perform a catheter ablation, which treats an arrhythmia.


    Watchman Implant

    Cardiovascular Group offers Watchman Implant Procedure or often referred to as the left atrial appendage closure implant. This is the size of a quarter and closes off this part of the heart where blood clots are formed.

    During the Watchman Implant procedure, your doctor will make a small incision in your leg and insert a narrow tube. The Watchman will be guided through the tube and placed into your left atrial appendage. Heart tissue will grow over the implant to form a barrier against blood clots over time and the left atrial appendage will eventually close permanently.

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    All procedures and tests listed can be done in each of our 11 offices in Gwinnett County, northeast of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our team of dedicated doctors and staff will provide quality care and help diagnose your heart condition.

    Many of our offices are convenient for Peachtree Corners residents. Our Johns Creek office is just a 10-minute drive from Peachtree Corners! If you are suffering from a heart condition, please contact us for diagnosis and treatment. For any questions regarding the services offered or to schedule an appointment, call us today at any of our 11 office locations.


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