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    Cardiovascular Group and Northside Hospital are pleased to announce the signing of a Practice Services Agreement, signifying a major leap forward in cardiovascular patient care and clinical leadership in the Atlanta region.

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    How is an ICD Implanted?

    How is an ICD Implanted?

    Implantation closely resembles pacemaker insertion. The ICD is usually placed under the skin via a small incision beneath the collarbone. A lead is then guided through a vein to the heart, making contact with its lining. This lead enables the defibrillator to monitor the heartbeat. Upon detecting any cardiac electrical irregularities, the defibrillator can charge and deliver a shock to reset the heart, akin to having a paramedic ready. The procedure is performed under sedation and local anesthesia. You may be discharged on the same day or require an overnight stay, depending on the circumstances.

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