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  • How should a patient approach the symptoms of chest pain?

    How should a patient approach the symptoms of chest pain?

    Unfortunately, this can be rather confusing for a patient. Certainly when one complains of chest pain but tickly on the left side of the chest When’s immediate concern is whether this is coming from the heart or not. We are all aware of the typical description of hot chest pain. This is a pressure a band like sensation across the chest which may be associated with radiation of the pain to the neck or the left arm. There are also associated symptoms of shortness of breath, cold clammy sweat and nausea which could occur along with the symptoms. However, unfortunately for patients and doctors, the heart does not always abide by the textbook explanation. Heart chest pain can mimic indigestion in that it could be burning in sensation. It does not necessarily have to be left sided. It can be located behind the breastbone or even on the right side of the chest. In addition it could be stabbing in nature. Heart pain coming from a lack of blood to the heart doesn’t typically last seconds in time. The heart is a muscle and works on supplied and demand. Usually chest discomfort originating from the heart, will first occur when one is exerting oneself.

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