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    How will I feel after a cardiac catheterization?

    How will I feel after a cardiac catheterization?

    Most patients spend a couple of hours in the recovery unit following a cardiac catheterization. If your procedure was done via the large artery in the groin, your doctor may have inserted a device or stitch to seal the hole that was made. If this is the case, he will lay flat for a couple of hours. If the tube was left in the groin and had to be pulled, he will lay flat for 4 hours or so following the procedure. You should not drive or lift heavy objects for a few days following the procedure. If your procedure was done via the small artery in the wrist, he or she will have a band over the artery in the wrist hold pressure on the artery. In the days following the procedure, you may feel some discomfort at the access site. There will also possibly be some bruising in the groin or over the wrist. If you feel a lump form, you should call your doctor’s office to let them know. If there is significant bleeding, you should hold pressure and call your doctor’s office or 911.

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