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    What are the type of pains can one experience in the chest?

    What are the type of pains can one experience in the chest?

    Chest discomfort after eating or lying in bed, typically is due to indigestion or heartburn. This is more a burning sensation that occurs behind the breastbone and may radiate up to the jaw. Gallbladder pain may also occur after eating, particularly a fatty meal. This pain is usually more right sided and may radiate to the shoulder blade. It is commonly associated with nausea. Chest pain immediately below the breastbone or to the left side of the upper abdomen that is resolved with eating is usually due to inflammation of the stomach or possibly an ulcer, Chest pain that is worse when one takes a deep breath or cough’s is usually due to a lung cause of the pain. This could be due to inflammation of the outer sac of the lung. This condition is called pleurisy. This is most commonly caused by a viral infection. Finally, one could experience any type of superficial pain of the chest wall, either due to muscle, bone or nerve injury. In the case of females, the breasts can definitely produce chest pain in the location of the heart.

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