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    How to Develop a Heart-Healthy Morning Routine

    How to Develop a Heart-Healthy Morning Routine

    Even though it may not be our favorite, we all know that the morning is the most important time of day. How your morning begins can determine the mood for the rest of the day, so it’s important to establish healthy, positive habits early on. Beginning your day in a healthy and mindful manner will make it easier to keep the ball rolling, but sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation at the crack of dawn. Here are our tips for developing a heart-healthy morning routine to set you up for daily success.

    Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is imperative to having a productive morning, and a tired person cannot be nearly as productive as a well-rested counterpart. Sleep deprivation has been proven to lower cognitive function, leading to memory loss and behavioral problems. It has also been shown to increase stress levels and raise blood pressure, putting you at an increased risk of heart disease. For adults, getting at least seven hours of sleep each night will allow you to start the mornings off with a managed blood pressure reading and help you boost your long-term heart health.

    Stay Off Social Media

    Often times, the first thing that people do when they wake up is lay in bed and scroll through their social media feeds. Not only is this unproductive, but it can actually lead to heightened anxiety and feelings of inadequacy and depression over time. Starting off your morning as stress-free as possible is important when it comes to maintaining tranquility throughout the day, which is an important factor in your cardiovascular health.

    Eat a Healthy Breakfast

    Your diet is one of the most impactful aspects of your heart-health journey, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast actually jumpstarts your metabolism, so you actually burn more calories throughout the day. People who regularly eat a morning meal tend to have improved performance and productivity over those who do not.

    Make sure that you limit salt, fat, and other harmful ingredients to help fight off potential cardiac events and heart disease. Some ideas for a wholesome heart-healthy breakfasts include oatmeal, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and whole-grain toast. Stay away from high-sodium or whole-milk options, and watch the cholesterol levels if you opt for an egg-based meal.

    Morning Habits From Entrepreneurs 

    There are many other healthy habits to incorporate into your morning routine that can help you achieve an overall higher quality of life. Many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs find that taking time in the morning to adjust and calibrate their headspace is crucial in their overall motivation and productivity during the day. Meditation, yoga and journaling are a few great examples of how you can start the day off on the right foot. Motivating yourself in the morning can be as simple as willing it into existence.

    Some other healthy morning habits recommended by entrepreneurs include:

    • Take a few minutes each morning to organize yourself and establish goals for the day
    • Try reading some motivational quotes or listening to an inspiring podcast while you prep for the day
    • Set an alarm and wake up early
    • Drink plenty of water 

    Keeping up the Good Work

    Getting a jump start on your morning will allow you to capitalize on that momentum and continue your day motivated and healthy. Doing things like eating a healthy breakfast might inspire you to keep the ball rolling with a healthy lunch. While these habits are important, they don’t replace professional healthcare.  For more information on taking care of your heart or developing heart-healthy routines, visit CVG online today.

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