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    Learning CPR from Home: Why You Should Become Certified Online

    Learning CPR from Home: Why You Should Become Certified Online

    While we wait out the remainder of the current pandemic, many of us are still hunkering down in our homes. This puts a little bit more free time into our hands, and spending more time on the internet than ever before. There are a hefty plethora of ways to use that time in a productive and wholesome way. One of the most amazing things that you can do as a citizen is to get CPR and First Aid certified. It can serve you, as well as the community around you. If you’re interested in learning how to save lives while stuck at home, keep on reading for more information.

    How Do You Perform CPR?

    You may have heard of CPR and seen it in movies, but how much do you actually know about it? CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a learned practice that can help save a person’s life in the event of cardiac or breathing-related emergency. It most commonly combines chest compressions with artificial ventilation. This can help to preserve brain function until further medical treatment can be provided. In an event where someone is not breathing or unresponsive, it can be life-saving.

    Getting Certified Online

    You might not want to be going into public buildings or classrooms just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn this valuable skill set. Social distancing learning has never been more evolved than it is right now, and it’s a great time to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities in front of you! Many organizations, including the American Red Cross, are offering resources online that can help you get your CPR certification. Online courses can help you learn how to save the lives of adults, children, and infants by demonstrating examples and practices to follow in the event of a medical emergency. These classes use both informative visual examples and virtual simulations to help you learn exactly what to do. Certification can usually be completed in an afternoon, which is a small sacrifice to make for such a crucial skill set.

    Why Should You Get Certified?

    Your certification acts as a promise to look out for your fellow citizens. By getting this training, you gain the knowledge to save a life. Worldwide, there is a growing need for qualified individuals to become certified.. While 12 million Americans get certified each year, only 32% of cardiac arrest victims receive CPR from a bystander. The higher that this number grows, the safer our communities become.

    You will be able to help your family members, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and even strangers in the event of an emergency. You can learn how to use medical technology such as an automated external defibrillator to help cardiac arrest victims in your community. CPR can drastically improve the chance of survival for these patients, and you can be the one to help, providing an immensely valuable service.  

    Get Your CPR Certification Today

    With all of the online resources available, there’s no reason not to become certified at a time like this! CPR and AED Awareness Week may fall in June, but life-saving skills are always relevant and essential to pass on. For more information on how to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle, stay up to date with our blog!

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